• We offer greater onsite expertise as we support our client water systems with field scientists rather than sales reps

  • We insure greater client-time commitment by investing a higher percentage of the gross profit towards our field scientists

  • We support our clients with degreed and military veteran field scientists graduated/ing from our 5 year apprenticeship program

  • We represent amongst all our field scientists the most progressive technologies on the market through quarterly trainings

  • We inventory drums and pails throughout the Western United States for your immediate need.

  • We handle all chemical transfers, which eliminates client personnel liability of chemical exposure.

  • We provide our clients with OSHA complying dual containment tanks (polypropylene/stainless steel),

  • We guarantee NO residence time of any empty of filled transit pails or drums on our client premises

  • We deliver, mobilize, transfer chemical and remove empties on the day of delivery

  • We sell closed loop product by the gallon so you are never with partial containers of chemical on the premises

  • We retain independent / state certified laboratories for more advanced testing capability and validation services



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