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A successful water treatment program is first and foremost a team effort involving the client and water management company.  The ability to listen and learn the client's water water treatment history, perform and understand the results of water analysis, understand the complexities of the mechanical systems and transfer water treatment skills to the client staff is essential to the success of any water treatment program.

Your heating, cooling, and process equipment represents some of the most expensive equipment in your facility, not only from an initial investment standpoint, but from a consequences of catastrophic failure viewpoint. The equipment represents a substantial initial investment, but it is operation failure that can represent a loss many times the original investment. If your heating or cooling system fails, your facility may be forced to stop production or even close. In addition to repair and replacement costs, the loss from production and/or facility closure multiplies daily. A well designed and applied water treatment program can minimize the possibility of equipment failure, and provide a real return on your water treatment investment, a return measured in reduced downtime, extended equipment life, lower fuel costs, lower water and sewage costs, reduced staff maintenance hours, and an improved environmental impact.

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