Our Value Services:

  • Comprehensive On-Site Service Visits

  • Expert Consultation

  • Equipment Inspections

  • Metering Pump and Controller Maintenance

  • Training Programs

  • Quality Management

  • Corrosion, Scale Indices & Bio-Fouling Monitoring

  • Web and mobile based monitoring / trending with text alerts

  • Efficiency Studies

  • Continuous Improvement 

We offer a Better Value because:

  • We provide chemistry blended in your area, whether it be Washington, Oregon or California, within 1 - 3 day lead times.

  • We are with an emergency supply of chemical for same day delivery

  • We use only the most concentrated chemistry with greatest efficacy

  • We represent Green Chemistry (Time Release, Paste and Liquids)

  • We equip you with best practice EPA / IFC complying and OSHA recommended dual containment tanks

  • We handle all chemical transfers, eliminating your chemical exposure and improving risk management

  • We are without quotas, which permits our field scientists not to be rushed during their service visits

  • We service your water with Chemical Engineer and Chemist field scientists.

  • We insure ZERO residence time of empty or filled transit containers on your premises

EPA/IFC/OSHA Container

We are THE West Coast CHOICE  for water treatment service in the Western United states.

Please contact us and request for a complimentary third party audit / survey and to learn why many in your industry have partnered with ITOH2.


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